Thursday, 23 December 2010

surprise surprise!

i am home for mother's day. it was meant to be a surprise, which was almost spoilt by the irresponsible officer from my national airline, but i managed anyway.

it was five minutes before wednesday, december 22 2010, ends. i called my baby sister's mobile phone using my dad's number once i got in front of the gate. i am eternally grateful for having him picked me up at the airport, speeding up all the way home so i can make it before midnight, and most of all, to conspire with me all along with this plan.

it was priceless.
the frustrating moments waiting for my sponsored ticket to be issued, the stomach i left empty since the night before until i got my meal aboard because of the exhausting ticket hassle that eliminates my appetite (even my snickers addiction!), the trouble sleeping because worrying that the plan might not going to be concretised - for the particular national airline officer suggested me to reschedule the night before my planned departure date, the craze at the airport for getting my ticket three hours before the departure time and suddenly realised that my luggage was overweight...
everything did not matter anymore once i saw my mother's surprised (if not outraged) face in front of the door, heard her saying, "DASAR ANAK BANDEL!" and pinched my waist, and had her in my arms.

i do not need any camera to capture the moment and expressions, for it will linger in my memory for, like, ever.

so, yeah. that is to be said, i am back for good. please feel free to reach me. let's arrange any sort of temu kangen. but do not bother asking for souvenirs. lol.

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