Wednesday, 1 December 2010


i am now working on this project called #reverb10. basically, this is a 31-days challenge of reflecting on the whole year 2010. i think it is more interesting and elaborative compared to the ordinary so-called new year resolution. besides, it is a personal challenge for myself to post regularly. however, i found this project quite late, so i have to work on the first two weeks in a mere couple of days before i can make daily post, just to keep up with the pace.

why english, now?

oh well, simple... living in bangkok for over four months makes my english rusty. english is spoken as a second language here, so no detailed grammar knowledge would be necessary when you talk with people. hence, i think i need to write more in english to work on my grammar. i have been neglecting it for quite some time, and exercising it by doing assignments was not quite helping. plus, i have been writing this blog in my mother tongue because i do not have a lot of chances using it here, and i feel the need to do so to escape after speaking english throughout the day. so, yeah.

anyway, pardon the grammar mistakes, please. oh dear, i cannot believe how i am so eagle-eyed in spotting other people's and how i am greatly annoyed by it. i hate grammar when i was in high school, for God's sake.

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