Sunday, 12 September 2010

daripada malu bertanya sesat di jalan...

"so you want to ban burqa, what's the difference of that with banning monks' clothing?"
(an opponent in eu-th debate preliminary round)

"when you break fasting, don't you know where is the west?"
(one of eu-th debate competition committee, when i asked them where is the west so i can pray.)

"but i don't use it anymore. why would i give you my yahoo email address?"
(my teacher for seminar in current social issues)

"you have to wear that?"
(a friend in the debating club, pointing at my prayer suit)

"you have not been dating again for years too? what happened, you still think of him?"
(a friend of a friend, when she said that she hasn't been dating for two years, and i promptly responded, "me too!")

"so, indonesians don't eat pork?"
(the same person as the latter)

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